Hello Readers!

Nice to meet you!!! 🙂 Yes, another anonymous money blog (my wife doesn’t even know this exists yet)…but with my own personal spin…written for those higher than average income earners, professionals (doctors, dentists, engineers, lawyers, real estate agents, etc…), and the self-employed or entrepreneur.  I’m also not a physician or dentist…lots of blogs out there from that perspective.  This is for those who have risked something to get to where they are (going).  You have risked time and money (think tuition or loyalty) – congrats, you are a rare breed indeed!


Note: the current median income in the US is about $60K and in Canada it is about $70K…I want this blog to be inclusive so the caveat here is that those who have higher incomes will likely get more out of some of my posts, but I did make $25K in my first year of working, so there will still be value for those who make less now, with a plan to make more $$$ later!


Why this blog?

  1. I’m selfish-it will allow me to express myself without boring my family and friends with “finance” or “business” talk.  Ok, I’m not selfish (quite the opposite), but respect that not everyone close to me has as keen of an interest in these topics.
  2. I am now at the point where I can offer some advice (both successes and dumb moves) to help others along their own journey to FI. (Full disclosure – I could be FI with an “ok” lifestyle, but I like some of the finer things in life, still enjoy working, and have more reasons why I don’t want RE (I’m 40 – and WANT to work until at least 50).
  3. This blog will keep me accountable to my own personal financial goals and allow me to continue to learn by engaging with other people (and bloggers), and researching for my posts.
  4. I’m hoping this turns into a hobby I enjoy (passive income?), as I like to get my “head” out of my day job (6 employees including me) as frequently as possible to help keep me passionate about my work.
  5. I hope to MAYBE one day point my young children (when they are grown) to this blog to learn more about me as well as to develop an interest in their own financial lives.

Why the “Caution/Risk” Logo?


     Reason #1

Everyone has the “right” path to FI or RE, the correct asset allocation, the best stocks/ETFs/real estate/precious metals/cryptocurrencies/bonds/etc, etc, blah, blah, blah…

Here is what I know – human beings have confirmation, overconfidence, availability, and recency bias…not to forget loss aversion (the fear of loss is greater than the upside of a gain) and the endowment effect (valuing the things we own already as superior).  So, be cautious in “copying” someone else’s path to fortune/freedom/FI/RE because everyone’s circumstances are different (where you live, cost of living, hobbies, family situation, risk tolerance, beliefs, etc…)

Read my blog on the different types of biases that influence our investing decisions.

Be cautious and do not adopt anything that doesn’t line up with your values, and DO NOT ignore that “gut” feeling if you enjoy sleeping at night!



     Reason #2

Anything you invest in, carries risk; don’t let anyone tell you differently.  However, I believe you need to practice “cautious” risk when investing in things that line up with your values and future      goals.


Who should read this?

  1. Anyone on their own personal finance journey – whether you are just getting started, or well on your way.
  2. Those who enjoy a blunt/tell-it-how-I-see-it type of writing.
  3. Those who have money (freedom) high on their list of values – money is not the root of all evil – in fact as most know, money gives you not only freedom to do what you want, but just as important it gives you freedom to give and support causes that are important to YOU!
  4. Anyone who loves engaging in “money/finance” talk from someone who is not in the ‘finance’ industry.
  5. Those who want to learn from someone who went from -$100,000 NW to a multi-millionaire in 10 years; this still seems unbelievable to me!

Who am I?

  • A successful (whatever that means) small service business owner, entrepreneur, and investor.
  • A passionate life long learner, cautious risk-taker (see my logo?), Believer, and family man.
  • An early 40-something who has everything, but nothing at the same time.
  • A multi-millionaire who sometimes feels poor.
  • Someone who is frugal in some respects, but lavish at other times.
  • Mortgagor – my only debt by a bad, but good choice
  • Somebody.
  • Nobody.
  • Everybody.


“There are more ways than one to skin a cat,” so are there more ways than one of digging for money.” (The Money Diggers, 1840)



***disclaimer – I am not a financial adviser or planner or analyst.  Nor am I an accountant or lawyer.  I’m a regular person like you, a life long learner of financial information.  Please seek professional advice when making any financial decision.  This site is for entertainment and information only with viewpoints from the ‘world-according-to-me.’***