Hello readers!

Yes, another money blog…but with my own personal spin…written for those higher than average income earners, professionals (doctors, dentists, engineers, lawyers, etc…), and the self-employed or entrepreneur.  Those who have risked something to get to where they are (going).  You have risked time and money (think tuition or loyalty); you had enough working for someone else, or you just have that “itch” so you decided to venture out on your own.  Congrats, you are a rare breed indeed!

Why this blog?

  1. I’m selfish-it will allow me to express myself without boring my family and friends with “finance” or “business” talk.  Ok, I’m not selfish, but respect that not everyone close to me has as keen an interest in these topics.
  2. I am now at the point where I can offer some advice (both successes and dumb moves) to help others along their own journey to FI. (Full disclosure – I could be FI with an “ok” lifestyle, but I like some of the finer things in life, still enjoy working, and have more reasons why I don’t want RE (I’m 40 – and WANT to work until at least 50).
  3. This blog will keep me accountable to my own personal financial goals and allow me to continue to learn by engaging with other people (and bloggers), and researching for my posts.
  4. I’m hoping this turns into a hobby I enjoy, as I like to get my “head” out of my day job (small service business – 5 employees including me) as frequently as possible to help keep me passionate about my work.

Who should read this?

  1. Anyone on their own personal finance journey – whether you are just getting started, or well on your way.
  2. Those who enjoy a blunt/tell-it-how-I-see-it type of writing.
  3. Those who have money (freedom) high on their list of values – money is not the root of all evil – in fact as most know, money gives you not only freedom to do what you want, but just as important it gives you freedom to give and support causes that are important to YOU!
  4. Anyone who loves engaging in “money/finance” talk from someone who is not in the industry.