What is Your Greatest Asset?

Greatest Asset?

Your house?  Car?  Boat?  Investment portfolio?  How about your family?


None of those!  Your health is your greatest wealth – no contest!  I read so many people writing about how to become rich and wealthy, without ever mentioning that without your health and vitality, nothing else matters.  Why work, sacrifice, practice frugality, and delayed gratification if you can never enjoy it because you die young or are disabled with a chronic disease?  It doesn’t make any sense.



The truth is that most North Americans are sick – diabetes, overweight or obese, heart disease, cancer, etc…more and more people are living with chronic diseases than ever before…how very sad.  The whole point of FI or RE or the freedom you gain from growing your net worth, is having the privilege of spending quality time with the people you love, engaging in hobbies that make you smile, and supporting the causes you are passionate about.  Without a high quality of life, you are either limited in those endevours or are unable to participate entirely.


The Solution


Now for the good news!  The great thing about health is that it can ALWAYS be improved.  Your journey to growing your net worth should be tied to your journey of creating a healthy body and mind as well.  Irregardless of your current health status, it can be improved.  Just like if your current finances are not where you want them to be…there is HOPE!

“…a healthy lifestyle trumps inherited risk,” says cardiologist Donald Lloyd-Jones. (WebMD)


Your day to day living has a huge impact on your health.  I want you to live a long healthy life so you can enjoy all of your wealth, so here are my top 10 ‘easy’ things you can do to start living better.  Health for Wealth:


  1. Exercise – current research reveals that only 15 minutes of high intensity exercise is the most effective way to reap the benefits – 3-5 times per week…if you are reading this blog, you have the time.
  2. Always take the stairs and park in the furthest parking spot in the mall parking lot.
  3. Eat vegetables and or fruit at every meal.  Think fibre, nutrients, and more energy.
  4. Clear you mind daily – yoga, mediation, prayer, etc…start at 5 minutes/day.
  5. Drink green, white, or matcha tea daily.
  6. Do not eat fast food – ever.  Full of bad fats and sugar.
  7. Eat dark chocolate daily – I like 88% the best. 🙂  Think anti-oxidants.
  8. Drink more water – keeps you hydrated, helps digestion, and prevent brain “fog”
  9. Prepare your in-between snacks the day before – helps prevents bad decisions.  Think nuts, seeds, fruit, vegetables and hummus…
  10. Focus on your relationships – I am constantly working on this one.


Simple?  Yes!  Easy, often not!  Focus on one or two to start with.  Don’t beat yourself up and move forward.  You work, save, and invest for your future – do everything you can to ensure you can enjoy it!

5 thoughts on “What is Your Greatest Asset?

  1. Great post Hipemoney! You are 100% bang-on with this one. I am right with you on the dark chocolate, but working on the vegetables. One synergy that I have found is working on my health and relationships at the same time. With my wife, it means definitely not working out together. She is an “angry exerciser”, but we walk together daily. On the other hands, my kids just think it is great fun whether biking, sparring, or even just doing calisthenics. Staying active, building our bonds, and passing on good habits all at once. Welcome to blogging & I look forward to following your blog!

    1. Lol @ your “angry exerciser” remark! Ah great point about synergy of health and relationships…2 of the most important assets in our lives! Thanks for stopping by…now just need to get on a writing routine!

  2. Hi Hipe,

    Yes, there is no point in achieving FI if you are neglecting your body and health. Having a frail body and unable to do things that you want to do after achieving FI is not an ideal situation.

    Great tips on maintaining health! My wife and I share a similar interest in playing tennis, so we spend time together firing aces at one another or as a double team against others!

    1 thing that I would add is sleep hygiene. So many people have bad sleeping habits (not enough, screen time before bed etc…) but sleep is crucial for our body to recuperate and repair itself. This is one area that I am still working on myself.

  3. Hey Hipe!

    Great tips for keeping healthy! Yup, there is no point in achieving FI if you neglect your health and body, so that you can’t enjoy the things that you want to do.

    Only thing I would add to the list is good sleep hygiene. So many of us have poor sleep habits or not enough sleep. This is one thing that I have been working on.

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